Health Savings Accounts: What to Know About HSAs

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Health insurance continues to be a hot-button issue in the United States — and for good reason. As both healthcare costs and insurance premiums increase, many Americans are understandably concerned about how they can possibly afford to protect themselves in the event of an illness or injury. With that in mind, it’s no wonder that… Read more »

There Are 6 Vital Reasons You Need Life Insurance

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life insurance

Almost 60% of Americans have a form of life insurance. Are you part of that 60%? It can be difficult to understand everything you should about life insurance. What type of policy should you have in regards to terms? When should you get a policy? Do you know what you want or really need? One… Read more »

Buying Business Insurance: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

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business insurance

Roughly 60% of Americans have a type of life insurance. Even so, business insurance is equally important. Owning a business in the 21st century can be like a minefield filled with explosive mistakes and missteps. You might not realize when overlooking important obligations or overspending in given areas. Purchasing the correct insurance type is a… Read more »

3 Important Home Insurance Facts For the Upcoming Decade

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As this decade draws to an end and the next one begins, many people form resolutions to improve their lives. It’s a time when people consider getting around to tasks they have put off or consider important decisions to make about their futures. For current and prospective homeowners, one of the most important things to… Read more »

How to Save Money on Your Car Insurance

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Most drivers spend $92 per month on average for auto insurance. While many people wouldn’t have much trouble paying that, others may be curious to know if there are ways to lower your auto insurance cost. Fortunately for them, there is. To find out how to get the most out of your insurance plan, keep… Read more »

5 FAQs About Flood Insurance in Florida

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Flooding is a major concern for all Florida residents. Historically, 40% of the hurricanes that have struck the east coast have made landfall somewhere in Florida. Since 80% of Florida residents live on or near the coast, hurricanes run the risk of affecting large numbers of Floridians. Additionally, over 5 million Florida residents near lakes,… Read more »

4 Surefire Ways to Save on a Health Insurance Plan

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According to a 2018 Insurance Barometer Study, approximately 60% of the US population has health insurance coverage. The same way you can invest in auto insurance for your finances, you should also do the same for your health. After all, no one chooses to get hurt or sick. At some point in your life, you… Read more »

3 Common Types of Insurance And Why You Need Them

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With all of the different types of insurance on the market, it can be difficult to determine what type of insurance your family or your business needs. Continue reading for more information on three types of insurance coverage you should definitely have. Health Insurance Without a waiver, health insurance is a requirement in the United… Read more »